About project

Multimedia for Business project is part of the "Science in business and society". This is the total VU Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and Lithuanian Scientific Society initiative to bring researchers, business and society to create a new web-based tools for small and medium business activities to revitalize, to introduce the general public with the scientific activities of interest to her people, especially entrepreneurs, to encourage adaptation to rapid changes in access to information technology capabilities and help them assimilate more easily. Virtual communication and information gathering and dissemination by electronic means, workshops and consultations complement. This project (VP2-1.4-um-03-C-01-019) is being developed in the 2007 - 2013 Economic Growth Programme of Action for implementing the measure "Inogeb LT-1", supporting the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and coordination of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency. The project is continuing successfully functioned in 2004-2006 Portal "Science. Researchers. Society" (http://mokslasplius.lt) activities.

Multimedia for business combines two activities: corporate style of interactive blocks database creation and management of video recording studio.

Under the first activity developed interactive blocks for small and medium-sized businesses firm-style database. An entrepreneur with no design or information technology knowledge and expertise of professionals drawn alternating elements of your company will receive a package styles: business card, envelope, letterhead examples of the company. The use of IT tools, IT and design professionals will assist SMEs in undertaking, which often do not have the sufficient resources and expertise, ready to use the Internet to create a company files company's style. This will be a standard preparations DB, where visitor can choose the appropriate information structure, color and elements of the decision. They are variously alternating SVVĮ professionals, not IT, or design experience to get professional results: for a single image of a set of firm-style, good print. Digital files will be developed so that they can be used by ordinary users.

The second type of activity for the development of mathematics and computer science visual ministudijos arranging existing capabilities already available archival recordings, broadcast on the Internet SMB events related to the activities of companies promoting the use of videos and podcasts for learning / development. Upcoming activities include:
      1) Portal user interface that can be archived in accordance with the selected search criteria: time, topic, speakers, keywords;
      2) Content management system for virtual archive data management and visualization of search results;

In Multimedia for Business working MII professionals:
      Assoc. dr. Nerutė Kligienė (activity manager, d.t. 85 2109337, nerute@ktl.mii.lt)
      Evaldas Ožeraitis (Engineer Programmer, evaldas@ktl.mii.lt)
      Aurimas Rapečka (Engineer Programmer, aurimas@litua.com)
      Jonas Zdanevičius (Engineer Programmer, jonzdan@ktl.mii.lt)
Corporate style design and interactive design examples preparating UAB "Artefaktas."